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Leony Aprill loves getting nice and dolled up with all of her fancy make-up, and she really loves applying it to her friends, so they can both look pretty and glammed up for their dirty piss fucking! When Leony's boyfriend arrives he's in serious need of a goof piss, and with these two beauties around it's a no-brainer as to where he's going to do it! The blonde babe gets her blouse soaked first, but he has plenty left for Leony, pissing right into her mouth so that she can spit it out like a piss fountain! Once the golden showers have stopped they get down to fucking, with both chicks getting plenty of dick and piss, which they happily swap with each other, and when Leony's boyfriend can't take anymore he blows his load all over their friend's tits! Leony won't be left out, however, as she also wants some dirty attention, so she takes one more long golden shower straight to the face and hair! Now that's a fucked up trio!

Runtime26 minutes
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Language in movie English